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Payment gateways

Enable payment gateways to accept credit cards, cash and other payment methods during checkout.

To set payment gateways, select the Payment gateways subsection from the Settings section of your admin panel.

In the opened window you will see the list of payment methods. To activate the payment method you prefer, click the Setup button.

For example. In case of cash payment method, click on the Setup button on the right and select Cash button.

You can set discount for selected payment method by percentage. Payment method discount will affect to all transactions made by current payment method.

Before activating the card payment method you must contact any vPOS-issuing bank.

You will be provided with test data. After filling in that data you must activate the Test Mode button.

If you already have real data, you perform the same actions without activating the Test Mode button.

You can activate PayPal through our system, if your business is not in Armenia, as in Armenia you can only make payments via PayPal and cannot accept payments.

You can also activate Idram system that is widely used in Armenia.

To get Idram data contact them.

You can deactivate any payment method.

The Telcell Wallet system has joined the list of payment systems. Now you can activate and receive payment through the Telcell Wallet system.

To get Telcell Wallet data contact them.