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Add or update product details

You can create unlimited quantity of products, add multiple images for your products, manage stock units, add multiple variants, and lot more in your Ubicross online store.


Adding new product

1. To create a new product login to your Ubicross admin panel.

2. From the main menu choose ''Products'' secction to open products list.  



3. Click on ''Add'' new button at the top-right corner of Products list window. 



4. In new opened window, enter the product's name, description, and add main photo.



5. If your item is discounted, select the appropriate field, then the discount type. To confirm the change, click on the "Confirm" button.



Editing and uptading products

1. Login to your Ubicross admin panelrom in the main menu choose ''Products'' to open products list.

2. In product list just click on the product line you want to edit.

3. Click ''Edit'' button on the top right corner of the screen. 

You can edit product information, such as product name, details, description, or main photo.

5. After making the essential changes, click ''Save'' to save changes or ''Cancel'' to return to previous page.



To delete the product

1. Select the product wich you want to delete

2. Click on ''Delete''  button to Delet the product.



Other Actions

You can also edit product information make it special, active inactive or duplicate it .