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Working with Multi-Variant products

In your Ubicross online store you can create Simple or Multi-Variant products, e.g. multiple sizes, types or colors to show your customers all the options they can choose. Each variant of product has its own set of prices, stock levels, tax options, etc. Simple variant will be created automatically once you create a product, unless you enable the Multi-variants option. You can change the product variant any time.


Adding multiple variants of product

1. Login your Ubicross admin panel.

2. From the main menu choose ''Products'' section 


3. In product options window you will find product variants section with two options, Simple and Multi-Variants. Multi-variants option allows you to add multiple variations of product like size, color, or material. You can only have a maximum of 3 options per product, for example Size, Color and Style. 

Click ''Save'' to save the results. If you've changed your mind, click ''Cancel''.