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What is the domain verification and why it is important?

Domain verification is proof that domain belongs to you, and allows the customer to find your website easily.

The most Popular are Google, Yandex, BING search tools.


Domain verification in Google webmaster  Tools.

Visit  to the following link https://www.google.com/webmasters/tools/home to your Google account, and if you haven't account, creat it.

1. Press (ADD PROPERTY) button

        2. In the opend window insert your domain name




3. From the Suggested list select the ''Alternate Methods'' option.


4.  Select the HTML tag 


5. Copy the meta tag below and press ''Verify'' button 




6. Login your Ubicross admin panel and from ''Settings'' select ''Webmaster tools'' section.




7. Select ''Domain verification'' option and insert  the code that you have already copied and press ''Save'' button to confirm changes.