The benefits of being organized

Motivating 10/05/2016 14:42

Being organized may sound boring and you may even think that it’s totally useless. You may consider it as a waste of time, nerves. You may think there are no obvious benefits. But if try to look deeper, if you try to be organized soon you will see the great impact of being organized on your career, on your health and on your friends and family.

Being organized effects your career and job. When you organize your day, your schedule, your work you become more efficient and advanced in your career. You know exactly your purpose. You know what should you do and when. So you don’t rush in the last minute and try to get into deadlines. By becoming organized you become one of the most valuable, reliable and indispensable people in your company and it’s likely for you to get promoted.

It’s not a secret that stress causes various health problems. Just remember how many times have you got depressed because of unfinished lessons or projects? How many times haven't you got enough sleep and as a result felt depressed, nervous and stressful? When you are organized you reduce stress and as a result, you reduce different health problems. You also gain more energy, have a good mood, you become more positive.

By organizing your day you successfully manage your work on time, because you are able to concentrate easily and work faster. So the time spent on your work becomes more effective. You save up a lot of your precious time, which you can spend with your friends and family. Being organized gives you self-confidence, calmness, energy. The time spent with your friends and family will bring joy to you and to them. You’ll enjoy their company in your life. Stress elimination helps here as well, because stress prevents you from being happy.

Let’s sum up all the mentioned above effects of being organized. Being organized is not as useless as you may think. Organized people are able to maintain happy and healthy. They enjoy their job and life. They save up time at work and spend it properly. Remember, that life is time and you can never get yesterday back. So being organized will help you to gain as much out as possible from each day.