Top 10 types of promotion

Marketing and promotion 24/05/2016 14:42

   Every business small or big has one main aim: to get profit. To get benefits from the business, you should invest first. You should promote your business, make people choose your product from the list of thousand other products. These top 10 promotion steps are to help you promote your business and get benefits.

1. Product name

It’s very important to get a personal domain and promote a brand on an online platform to make the brand's name recognizable and well-known.

Choosing a good and proper name for the business is the first step to found a successful business. You should take it seriously and find a brand name which suits your business best and raises your costumers’ interests.

To learn more about product name finding process read “How to find a perfect brand name” article.

2. Reputation

When new in the business world, you should make customers recognize your brand or services you are providing. You should make your business "visible"  in the big variety of  products or services. A good reputation cannot be gained at once. You should work hard on it.

First, you must “speak” about your product, introduce it to the customers to get new customers. The advertising is the best introduction of your products to the customers.

Then you should make your customers “speak” about your product to get more customers. Customers' feedbacks and comments on your product are more reliable for other customers. Customers pay much attention to the others’ personal experience.

3. Discounts

Offering discount is one of the most effective ways of getting customers attention. The discount must be attractive and attention grabbing. If you offer a discount of 15-50% the higher number write bigger and on your web page make the discount announcement as bright and sight catching as possible.

4. Gifts

Customers are always ready to pay for getting something for free. Besides, they feel as if somebody cares for them, they feel special when you offer a gift. The gift, in this case, is very symbolic. There’s another point in offering gifts: every time they look at that gift or see it, they remember your product.

5. Direct messages

Which method could be more effective than direct touch with your customers? If the customer has a question he needs explanation and direct answer. He needs to ask about some details for example and after your careful and detailed explanation, he would like to get the product.

Take care that your online store will have chat window for customers to write directly and for you to answer their messages.

It is also very important to answer their messages as quickly as you can, so that they wouldn’t get bored or try to find another variant. And also good attitude matters. Try to be very gentle.

6. Safety guarantee

When people obtain something new there’s always a fear that maybe he/she hasn’t done right choice, or the product isn’t as good as it is being advertised. To stop your customers hesitate, provide them with a guarantee. They will feel safe about your product. From the range of products, they will choose the one with the guarantee.

7. Availability

Your product should be available everywhere and every time. It should be reachable. Sometimes enterprises forget about the importance of having a phone number for customer support. They think that including detailed information in the website content or adding chat window in the web page is enough. But tastes and people differ, so they have different needs and prefer different ways of satisfying them. So don’t feel lazy about adding a phone number and answering calls or else your customers will feel lazy to read the information about the product, write messages and making a purchase.

8. Internet marketing

You may find customers on the internet more easily than in the real life. It is the internet, where nowadays people spend most of their free time. It is important to be engaged in every aspect and spear of the internet. You should have accounts on social network and have a business web page or online store. The more customers see and know about your product, the more interested they get and the chances of making a purchase will rise.

9. Blogging

Blogging is one of the newest promotion tools, but it has proved to be effective. Having web page you just need to add a blog, where you would insert different articles concerning product usage, instruction, and news or interesting facts.

10. Event organization

When you learn about an interesting event the first thing that comes to your mind is not who is the organizer, but what event is it. But after visiting the event every time you hear the organization's name or see its products you have positive associations. Those associations make people chose the product.

You can organize interesting and intellectual games and challenges, use ballot method to find the winners and so on.