7 golden rules of marketing

Marketing and promotion 16/05/2016 14:07

In every aspect of our lives, we should follow some golden rules in order not to fail, in order to know in what direction to go and how to avoid failures. In the business world, there are also some golden rules of marketing, that you should know and try to follow that golden rules if you want to succeed.

We introduce the most important 7 golden rules of marketing to gain success in business and online business world.


1. Start small, dream big

Every huge business has started small. It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters where you end up once said Zara brand founder. Even the longest journey starts with a step. So the most important thing is the first step no matter how small it would be.

Start a small business, but dream big for not to stay where you are at the beginning. Dream about bigger opportunities. Dream about big and successful business. Begin from a small online store establishment. If you have dreams, you will find ways to make them real.


2. Go step by step.

Never stand still in the business world. Never wait for the proper moment, because the proper moment never comes. Make every moment a proper one. Do little steps. Looking back you’ll see a long way behind you.

Write down your business plan step by step and follow it step by step. Discipline your actions and you’ll see the results.


3. Invest less, but get more.

Starting a business is a risky business, but not when you know what you want to do. 21st century gives an opportunity to earn more, but pay less. Online business and online store are not a novelty anymore.

Ubicross has made online eCommerce platform available for small business due to its flexible tariff system. It’s easy to use and its usage doesn’t require any extra skills. Ubicross online store system’s specialists have tried to combine low prices with high quality. You can try free demo version and get assured.


4. Be everywhere

The more people know about your business the higher get the chances of making a sale. Customers are gained and the success of your business is measured by the quantity of your customers.  You should make people learn about your business and use as many tools as possible to reach your target customers.

The social network, online store and advertising lead you to customers and lead customers to your store. In other words, social network and eCommerce platform are the places where you and potential customers meet. Customers have some demand and you have some offers. If customers’ demands coincide with your offer, you make a sale.

So use every possible variant to be near the customer.


5. Never lie

Once you lose customers’ confidence it would be too hard to regain it. It is better to be fair and have small stable income during the whole life, than to be a liar with a full pocket for several days. With one unfair step, you can lose years of hard work in a minute.


6. Turn negative into positive

The real description is not what you say about your product, but what others say about it. If there are good comments and feedback on your online store or website page, it already means a lot and serves a good ground for gaining new customers.

But don’t neglect negative comments, because due to them you can make your product or service better. Then you will thank customers for showing what you have done wrong.

And the second reason not to neglect negative feedback and comments on your website or online store is that you can turn them into a PR step. Customers don’t judge and don’t discuss only second rate products. If customers discuss products, it means they matter to them. Show that you are careful, interested and always happy to help customers and flatten the situation. The results won’t make you wait!


7. Never give up

No business is insured from failures. Remember that problems are unavoidable. If there’s a problem there’s always a solution. Make decisions with a cool head and take into consideration all possible solutions. Usually, the solutions of the problem are simpler than you can imagine.

When there’s a problem, look back to the long way you have already passed. Find courage not to give up.