How to use social network for promotion

How to 16/05/2016 15:21

The most effective way to gain a huge audience and reach millions of people all around the world is the proper usage of the social network. The social network has become a connecting bridge between people. Besides being a way of communication social network is used as a source of information and news. The social network has become an irreplaceable tool for business and marketing. Through the internet, we get access to the events, news, people and brands. If you do not know how to use the social network for the promotion of your brand and product, read and follow the steps below.

1. Be everywhere

Your brand should become familiar to customers. If customers were asked to choose one of the 10 products which have the same content and compound, they would subconsciously choose the product, which’s name is familiar to them. That’s because customers feel more confident about the product they have heard about. Customers will buy familiar products regardless of the price.

Open accounts on every social network site you know: Facebook, Instagram, Tweeter, etc. Be reachable for customers. Add photos of your product and give descriptions.

2. Develop design

Most of the information people receive due to eyesight. Your product page design should be pleasing and catch attention. The product page should provide information in a pleasant way and raise interest.

Both profile and background images should introduce your brand. Add notes on images, add descriptive comments to product images,share helpful posts about the product and its usage. Be sure to keep a balance between texts and images. Too many texts and images may confuse costumers and have a negative effect on product sales. Also, keep a balance between colors, as the gray and uncolored pages are boring and too many colors are tiring and flaring.

Do not browse all the images in one album. Create different albums of different categories. For example, if you are selling phones, open several albums according to phone brands. But if you introduce only 1 brand, open albums according to models.  

3. Offer sales and gifts

Customers are ready to pay for getting sales and gifts. The words “sale”, “gift”, “free” raise interest and excitement. In this case the price of gifts, the size of sales doesn’t matter. The attention and the attitude are far more important, than the real items and material things.

4. Turn on advertising tools

If the mentioned above steps are free and up to you, these steps require money investment. Just turning on advertising tools won’t work, if you neglected the steps mentioned above.

On Facebook you pay for your page to be promoted and be reachable for more customers. Choose the target audience according to age, location, interests and other features. On Facebook daily advertising is minimum $1.00 per day.

On Instagram pay other users, who have an army of followers, to add the image of your brand with positive commenting text. Instagram also provides ads platform for photo and video paid ads.

Due to social media advertising tools promote your small business and enlarge it. Raise the awareness of the customers about your product and increase sells.

5. Get positive comments and feedback

Gradually we have reached the last step, which is not less important. Pay attention to the comments and feedback your product receive. You may praise your product, spend money on ads, and have awesome page design, but customers pay attention to other costumers’ opinion and personal experience and then orientate and make decisions.

Try to use even the negative feedback on a product page in your favor. Answer the comments immediately, apologise and offer solutions for problems. Be as friendly and obliging as you can. By your conduct “make” the users change their negative feedback to a positive one.