How to use instagram for getting customers?

How to 26/05/2016 16:54

How to use Instagram for getting customers?  This is one of the most frequent asked questions. Instagram has become a huge place to share your offers and find customers. Some people think that success on Instagram depends only on the quantity of followers and likes, but this statement is not always true. You have probably heard that not the quantity but the quality matters. So what are the steps to help you grow your product’s popularity on Instagram and grow your product sales? Here they are:

1. Post often, but keep posts’ quality

Posting many photos will increase your chances of reaching to the customers. But keep the high quality of images you post, or else you will lose your followers. Image colors and content also matter, because among millions of images yours should arise interest. Post unusual images, so that they will differ among others.


2. Find out the best time for you to post

The best time for posting is very individual. You can find out the best time for you to post only by posting at different hours and analyze for your own which is the best and which is the worst time to post. To help you see your Instagram traffic and find out the nest time for you to post we offer 2 analytical apps.

ICONOSQUARE app followers’ growth, gained and lost followers list, the best time to post to maximize engagement filter impacts on engagement, likes and comments growth, most engaging posts, most engaged followers’ list.

 Simply Measured app allows you to get Instagram reports concerning your page and posts engagement


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3. Be active: follow to be followed, like to get likes and comment to get comments.

On Instagram you should be active and ready to like whatever comes under your finger. After leaving a comment on random users’ photo, you will get attention, likes and follows. So your account will gain popularity and your brand and product will be known.


4. Visit your successful competitors’ pages.

Your successful competitors surely know the formula of gaining customers and success. You just need to explore their pages and try to adopt the same fortunate steps competitors make to gain customers.

Don’t just copy their policy and style. Try to become better and flourish competitors’ ideas. Every time try to push your page a step ahead. Invent something new and creative.


5. Visit your unsuccessful competitors’ pages.

Competitors’ mistakes are the best teachers for a startup business. Observe their mistakes and never repeat them.


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6. Share your Instagram materials on other social platforms

Instagram lets you share the materials on other social platforms. Due to this function, you don’t need to brows the same material on your other social pages. You just need to share your Instagram materials. Also the people following you on other social pages will learn about your Instagram page. So if you share your Instagram materials on other social platforms you kill 2 birds with 1 stone.


7. Use tags related to your product

Hashtags are used to make the materials you share reachable for the people from all over the world. Use tags that describe your product, give an idea, what your product is. Otherwise you won’t reach your target customers. Use as many tags as possible to raise the chances of it to be seen and not be lost in the stream of other photos.


8. Ask your customers to leave comments

If you already have faithful and permanent customers, who are satisfied with the services and products you provide, will be glad to leave a comment under your posts. Due to your real customers’ comments, you’ll be able to gain new customers. Customers rely on other customers’ opinion rather than on advertisements.


9. Post the photos containing your best feedbacks

Show off the best features, feedbacks you have. Make screenshots and put that shots on your page. Let everybody see


10. Pay outstanding pages to post your product

On contrary to other steps mentioned above, this step may cost you money. You may find an outstanding page, which has a huge army of followers, and pay that page for one of your product images to appear on that page.

The less it looks like an advertisement, the better for your product.