How to setup a storefront

How to 08/11/2016 11:28

Your online store is the face of your company. Now there are no limits to the designs you can apply to your online store. Your online store should look attractive and pleasing. There are several options for a storefront you should know.

Customize your storefront

You can totally customize your storefront of Ubicross shop. Ubicross offers a number of free templates to design your store. Choose the design you like best from the eCommerce template collections. Every template has its unique style designed by our professional designers.

You can decide in how many columns to display your products, and how many products to display on per page. Then you can customize the appearance of the store by toggling components such as the price, add to cart button, product title, product description and more.

Choose store language

From the language list, you can choose a language for your store that suits your and your customers’ needs. While choosing a language for your store take into consideration who your target customers are.

 You can always translate your online store theme, checkout, email communications into any language that suits your needs.

Manage store content

Once creating a proper content for your store is not enough for a successful business. From time to time, you should update your store content, add, remove or change some information. While creating Ubicross online store system we have taken into consideration that fact. Ubicross online stores provide flexible content management system. You can edit your store content anytime you want without any difficulty.

Manage store domain

A domain name is an address or URL that people use to visit your store on the Internet. Your custom domain name is associated with your business. Due to the custom domain name the uniqueness of your brand will be expressed more strongly and the profile of your store will get enhanced on the internet.

When you create a store using Ubicross, we provide a free, Ubicross-hosted domain name for you. But for your online storefront, it would be better to obtain a custom domain name and connect that personal domain name to your online store. If you haven’t purchased a domain name, you can buy one through Ubicross or you can choose one of the free Ubicross-hosted domains for your store.

Enjoy responsive design

Due to the growth of smartphones and other mobile devices, responsive Web design has become the essential feature of any web page. More and more people are using smaller-screen devices to view Web pages. That’s way responsive design is important for your store.

Ubicross eCommerce templates are designed for your website to have perfect look on phone, tablet, or desktop screen.