How to sell online

How to 08/11/2016 11:43

Selling products has never been as easy as it is today. Due to selling online you spend neither your precious time, nor your nerves and money. In a few minutes you can register your business on Ubicross online store system and start to sell online. Selling online is easy, simple and pleasant with Ubicross.

Build online store

First of all you need an online store to start selling online. Opening online store on Ubicross is as easy as signing in on any social website. Open Ubicross page and write down your email, password, store name and get started. Fill data forms within few minutes, add products, create collections, choose one of the various beautiful themes and your store is ready.

Show off your product variants

In your Ubicross online store you can create Simple or Multi-Variant products with multiple sizes, types or colors to show your customers all the options they can choose from. Each variant of product has its own set of prices, stock levels, tax options, etc. Simple variant will be created automatically once you create a product, unless you enable the Multi-variants option. You can change the product variant any time and show off all the product variants available on your store. Those, customers will get accounted to your products and will be able to make a purchase.

Link your social accounts to your store

It is very difficult to administrate several social accounts at the same time. Your business accounts should always be updated. Ubicross offers all in one solution. You can link your social accounts to your online store and stop wasting your time. Eventually, all your stores are intended for a single aim to sell your products.

Accept orders and get paid online via credit cards

To sell online you need to accept orders online. Now it is possible to get paid online in a fast, easy and secured way. Just select the payment method.

You can easily add shopping card to your store and accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express cards with no hidden fees. It is 100% commission-free.

Ubicross  also integrates with the leading payment solutions on the market. Choose from Paypal, Skrill and more. Sell and  get paid online.

Offer free support

Free online support raises the chances of selling your products online. You should always be reachable for your customers. Customers should be able to connect you easily. The "Life chat" on your online store will lead you a step closer to your customers. Answer customers’ messages and give them useful and sincere advice.

Carefulness and gentleness are the features everyone would like to receive.

While shopping online depending on how fast and detailed answers customers get from the seller, they make an opinion about the online store and according to that opinion they decide whether to make a purchase or not.

Try to be helpful, kind, gentle and tenderhearted with your customers. The personal qualities are of higher value than the products. Love your customers and show them that you really care for them. Show your customers that you are able to answer customers’ calls and messages. Give them useful advice and offer free support. The results won’t make you wait.