How to increase product sells

How to 17/05/2016 15:38

When you start a business your aim is to sell products and gain benefits. The more you sell the more you gain. There’s no new information in mentioned ideas. The question is how to increase product sells and run a successful business. Here are the most effective 5 steps to increase product sells.


1. Let customers know about your product

First of all, customers must know about your product. Even buying little household things customers choose those which name is familiar to them, because familiar names inspire confidence.

Subconsciously people remember what they have seen, what they have heard and while making a shopping they buy what is already fixed in their consciousness.

The 21st century lets you be closer to your customers and “tell” them what to buy. You should use every method and function to be where your customers are. Define who your target audience are and follow them. Use social media and create a web page or online store. Make people know and remember your brand name and product than product sells will grow.


2. Let customers taste your product

There’s an Armenian saying: “It’s easy to say, it’s hard to do”. Every brand praises its product, claims that it has high quality. False claims have made customers distrustful. Both high and low-quality products are advertised as being super good and brilliant ones.

Customers don’t have chances to taste all products to find a good one, but you may give them a chance to taste what you offer. For example, you can pay well-known brands to give your product as a gift. You can send your product as a present to the advertising company. You can put a stand  with your product samples near the supermarket or in the supermarket and distribute them for free. After using free samples customers will purchase your product as they will already be familiar with it. So your product sells will grow.


3. Let customers get surprised

Make your customers get surprised every time they make a purchase. You can do it using several techniques.

1. Touching customers pocket.

Offer for example 5% discount, give a little gift, offer a cart which claims that if they make 5 purchases the 6th purchase will be free. Or another technique is: “buy 3 items, pay for 2”. Customers are ready to pay more for getting a free item.

2. Arising customers interests.

Announce customers about upcoming new products. Organize events, lotteries, competitions or flash mobs.

Make your customers admire and love you and what you do. Then they will become your permanent customers. So your product sells will grow.


4. Let customers speak about your product

Other customers’ personal experience always inspires new customers. So the best way to introduce your customers' experience and opinion is to write and introduce customers’ personal success stories.

For example, before ordering product, I read all feedbacks and comments about the company and the product. I am much more interested in what other customers say about the product than what producers say about themselves. And I am sure you do the same. So give your customers a chance to express their opinion and engage new customers. As a result, you will sell more, you will get more.


5. Let customers connect you easily

Besides being where your customers are, as we have already mentioned in the 1st point, you should always be reachable for your customers. Besides finding you customers should be able to connect you easily.

Offer "life chat" on your online store and web page. Put free phone number and be able to answer customers’ calls and messages. Give them useful advice and offer free support. The results won’t make you wait.