How to gain more customers

How to 12/05/2016 14:17

Establishing a profitable and successful business is possible only when you have a constant amount of customers. During the time, customers’ amount should increase to make your business grow. But the question is how to gain more customers. Pay attention that you don’t make your customers purchase products. You make them want to purchase products by receiving their confidence, by satisfying their interests and needs, by treating them carefully and gently. Now let’s analyze all mentioned steps above and go to gain more customers.

1. Gain customers’ confidence


It’s hard to get customers confidence and sympathy, but it’s very easy to lose their confidence. Once you lose it, it would be too hard to regain your customers and engage new ones.

There are several rules which help you to get customers confidence

  • Don’t make your customers wait! Answer customers’ messages on social websites or on online store chat always in time. Answer customers’ calls. Deliver products on time. Offer free support.

  • Don’t let your customers get disappointed!

  • Don’t controvert with your customers! Customers are always right. In misunderstandings find ways to convince them to change their attitude towards the situation with your cool-headed and reasonable actions.


2. Satisfy customers’ interests and needs

If I don’t have a car I won’t get interested in car engines. So if you offer me car engines no matter how gently and intelligently I won’t become your customer. It’s very important to identify who your target customers are and what do they need.

So tհree important things should be taken into consideration:

  1. Who are customers?

  2. Where are customers?

  3. What do customers need?

 Who mostly need to use your product? Find out and be where your customers are. According to their age, profession and interests customers’ location may vary. If your target customers are for example students you may reach to them in libraries, in student cafes, at university garden.

But one place where people gather regardless their age, interests and profession is the Internet world. So having a webpage or online store is the best way to reach your target customers.

 Provide product which will satisfy customers’ needs and interests. Convince customers, that your offer is for them. Show off the side of your product customers would get interested in.


3. Treat customers carefully and gently

Carefulness and gentleness are the features everyone would like to receive. How many times I have left the shop without buying the item I tried to find for so long! That’s because of the attitude I received in that shop. Moreover, I never visited that shop again, and convinced my friends to do so. On the contrary, in the shops where I receive gentle and caring treatment, I feel obliged to buy something.

The same happens while shopping online. Depending on how fast and detailed answers I get from the seller, I make an opinion about the online store and according to that opinion I decide to make a purchase or not.

Be careful not to lose your customers because of your bad mood. Treat them with a smile, try to be helpful, kind, gentle and tenderhearted. The personal qualities are of higher value than the products. Love your customers and show them that you really care for them.