How to establish a long live business

How to 25/05/2016 14:34

Long live business is not being established during a day or a month, or even a year. Successful business is the result of hard work for years. Here are the steps to help you establish a long live business and get your place in the big and complicated world of business.


1. Study the market

To establish a long live business, a business that will grow and give you profit for a long time, you should first study the market and find out customers’ needs. But for the customers' needs, you should  study the market, which satisfies customers’ needs.

That study will help you to find out what your customers exactly need, what is not enough and what should be changed in the market. And you will make changes  in the market.

Other people’s mistakes can be best teachers for us. So in the business world, other businessmen’s mistakes may the best example for us. Studying their experience, you can avoid repeating their mistakes.


2. Write a business plan

After studying the market and finding out customers’ needs, write a detailed business plan. Write down every detail concerning your business: Business name, place, product details. Also, write down your actions step by step: purchasing or making product process, establishing business place process and so on.

In this way, you make your working process coordinated and not complicated.


3. Find faithful partners

Find people who are familiar with the market and can show you right direction. Find partners who share your interests and ideas to avoid conflicts, which directly affects your business.


4. Start small

For not risking everything you have, start small, but with big ambitions and stable ground. The firm beginning will serve a perfect ground for further success. Every huge business has started small. "It doesn’t matter where you start, it matters is where you end up" once said Zara founder.

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5. Establish friendly staff

Establishing friendly staff is the half way to success. You should find workers not only considering their education degree but also their personal qualities, their ability to co-work in a company and their  big desire to learn more and become a better specialist. You can teach a good person to professional skills. It is much easier than convincing an arrogant professional worker with good professional skills to become a good member of a staff.


6. Go forward

Find ways to develop your professional skills. Seek for new opportunities. Little by little enlarge your business. Go slow to go far.

Never stop acting or else you will soon find your business stagnant and in the verge of collapse.


7. Follow the new trends

It’s not enough to study the market only at the edge of establishing a business. You should always be aware of the novelties of the market. You should use all the professional and new tools to promote and enlarge your business. Time is passing and you should catch its rhythm for not to be forgotten and lost in the sphere.

You shouldn’t fall behind your rival companies.


8. Keep the quality of your product or service

Many leaders get relaxed when they find enough customers and get enough profit. They are tempted with the idea of getting easy money. They start working on quantity instead of quality and lose their customers, their reputation and then their business.

You should always try not only to keep the quality of your business and its quality but also to develop them and make them better.


9. Put first your customers

Love your customers and show them that you really care for them. Your customers are the people who pay to you, who you work for, whose needs are of primary importance. So look at your business from their point of view. Make customers get surprised. Make customers  feel important and special.