Best ecommerce software for startup business

E-Commerce news 17/05/2016 14:53

After studying business and eCommerce industry our Ubicross team has created a project that combines all the best and useful features of eCommerce industry. Ubicross team carefully observes the market, takes into consideration the needs of customers and sellers. Ubicross online store system puts the customers’ needs first. Ubicross works hard to make its customers work simple and easy.



Easy registration and extremely easy to use system are for everyone.

There is no need to possess any special tech skills to run an online store. Ubicross system’s customers just need to register their online store filling data form within few minutes and run a successful business for the rest of their lives. Once you try, you will regret about not using Ubicross software before. But it’s never late.

Private domains or free sub-domains make Ubicross system reachable for everyone.

We provide domains to lead you a step closer to the successful business making.


Hundreds of unique and fashionable free design themes are to design your dream store.

Free design theme templates are designed by the professional designers, who have done their best to create extremely useful, awesome, convenient and fashionable platform for accepting orders and showing off your products. Ubicross online store system also provides an opportunity to create private design themes and enjoy more functions.


An infinite quantity of images.

Online store runners may upload as much product images as they would like to. Online store images may be arranged according to their size, color and category and so on. Ubicross selling system gives freedom to create what you have already created in your imagination.


Attaching other web pages.

Social media is growing fast. From now on there’s no need to lead your business accounts separately. Attach your Facebook, Tweeter and other accounts to your online store and let the world learn about your business.



Your business is in your pocket, on your office table, in your car and on your computer desktop due to Ubicross eCommerce system and you can lead your online store from everywhere and every time.  We’ll change your traditional stereotypes about creating and leading a successful business. 


Different and flexible price packages.

Convenient price and high quality can go side by side. Due to different price packages, everyone can start his eCommerce business just now. Ubicross team cares about its customers. Ubicross gives a chance to pay when sellers start to earn due to this simple and handy system. Ubicross system gives its customers free trial.

 Customers choose the method and sequence of paying for the system. Customers may pay monthly or for a year, even for a lifetime.

Life chat and online order system.

When people are interested in your products and services why not to give them a chance to make their orders online and ask questions?  Goods are to be used.  Life chat and online order functions will surely increase product sells.

Ubicross eCommerce software always tries to include all the newest and useful tools and functions to simplify its customers work combining simplicity with high quality and functionality. We also take into account our customers’ suggestions and additional needs.