How you can use bots for online business

Business guide 31/10/2020 19:33

Online business bots can help you to specialize in different activities. For example, a business can use bots for:

  • communication with clients, including for client support;
  • training (bot-teacher);
  • creating and checking text materials;
  • searching for information, including for graphic images;
  • analytical activities of competitors;
  • holding contests, promotions, and other involving events;
  • downloading materials, copying them;
  • E-mail newsletters;
  • collecting feedback;
  • winding up likes, reposts.

Advantages of bots:

  • Instant response to a visitor's request.
  • 24/7 work without interruptions.
  • Optimization of the staff.
  • Increased traffic.
  • Automation of a significant part of business processes and freeing up free time.
  • Budgetary.

Disadvantages of bots:

  • Inability to generate non-standard situations (humor, sarcasm, non-standard questions, and answers).
  • Not suitable for all types of businesses. More often bots are used in food delivery, retail, ticket sales, i.e. in areas where the answers and questions are quite formulaic. But in businesses based on building trust with a client, bots are not suitable.
  • Lack of an individual approach while all businesses focus on personalization.