10 steps to promote your brand

Marketing and promotion 11/05/2016 16:12

If you are new in the business world you may probably feel uncomfortable and may face difficulties in promoting your brand. You see the results of other businessmen’s work, but you don’t know the background of their success. So you don’t imagine how hard it was to conquer a proper place in the big business industry. But we want to help you overcome the difficulties of promotion.We offer 10 steps to promote your brand successfully.


1. Do little steps, but never stand still

To reach your aim you should always go forward. You should start working today and tomorrow you will already be a step closer to your aim. Even little marketing steps give results. 100 km trips start from a single step. So do not stand still. No matter how hard will the begging be, do the first step and try, try, try!


2. Invent easy remembering slogan

Don’t be afraid to invent something extraordinary, which may be plugged in people's mind. Your slogan should be creative, but not complicating or pompous. It should speak for your product, so it must coincide to your offer. Look at the most successful slogans of brands and you will see how simple they are:

  • Coca-Cola: Always Coca-Cola

  • KFC: So Good

  • McDonald: I'm lovin’ it

  • Snickers: Hungry? Grab a Snickers.


3. Don’t sell trash 

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Don’t disappoint customers. Don’t lie to customers. Be fair. Respect your work and your customers.

Remember: Once you lost your brand reputation and customers’ trust, it would be too hard to regain them. You may be perfect in your spear, offer a perfect product, have the best online store, but it would be ordinary for people. However if you misstep, they will forget all the good you have done and will concentrate on the negative.


4. Be everywhere

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Social media, online store and personal websites connect you directly to your audience. You should be available and obliging to answer their questions. Due to websites, online stores you show your product and “deliver” your offer to their phones. It is proved that if people press “like” on a product image they will likely purchase that product.


5. Never give up

Nobody is insured from failures. Successful people have the ability to go from one failure to another with no loss of enthusiasm. They never stop trying. See the 1st step. Never give up your business!


6. Care about your customers

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If you don’t take care of your customers, someone else will do. You should satisfy customers’ needs. You shouldn’t make customers buy your product. You should make customers want to buy your product. Do you feel the difference? Customers appreciate your attitude, willingness to help and want to compensate it by making a purchase.


7. Use advertising

New technologies and social media provide us with lots of new and lots of effective tools for advertisements. See “How to use social network for promotion”

Do not lie to your customer. Introduce your product to customers and raise customers’ interest.


8. Offer gifts and discounts

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Customers are ready to pay for getting discounts and gifts. The words “sale”, “gift”, “free” raise interest and excitement and in this case the price of the gift, the sale size doesn’t matter. The attention and the attitude are far more important, than the real items and material things. So this can be a great promoting tool.


9. Use blogging

Many companies have understood the importance of leading a blog. It is a dodgy step for involving new customers to your online store and make them purchase your product. Due to the blog you remind people about the products and services you provide, you provide them with helpful and interesting ideas and become closer to them.

You can share news about your new projects and products, inform them about updates, give helpful guiding materials about the product and its usage through the business blog.


10. Let others praise you

Advertising is when you praise your product. Good advertising is when others praise your product. The comments and the feedback you receive are important not only for you, but also for your customers. You may praise your product, spend money on ads, but people pay attention to other customers’ opinion and personal experience. They read others comments then orientate and make decisions.

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Turn even the negative feedback in your favor. Answer the comments immediately, be ready to apologise and offer solutions. Be as friendly and obliging as you can and by your conduct “make” the users change their negative feedback to a positive one.