How to find a perfect brand name

How to 12/05/2016 15:35

Trying to establish a new business you sometimes forget about the importance of the brand name. It seems that there are no good brand names left. Language has no limits, so the good names do. A perfect brand name is the number one symbol of your business and products. The perfect brand name is also a visit card for your business. But how to find a perfect brand name? Follow these steps.


Step 1. Find a brand name indicating your product

Think about the product you are selling. A good brand name must indicate the product. For example, if you sell bananas, your company name cannot be “Apple”. There should be some logical connection between your product and the company name.

  • Make a list of synonyms of your product name

  • Make a list of words indicating your product

  • Make a list of word that are associated with your product

By these names, you tell your costumers what your product is and what it is used for.


Step 2. Find a short and simple brand name

Even when learning a new language we easily learn and remember short words. The same principle works for brand names. Whether you want it or not the short phrases and words stick up in your mind. If the names are also simple, you easily pronounce them and there is an impression of knowing that brand for ages, even if the brand is a new one.

Take a pen and paper. Start making a list of simple and short names. Write them without stopping. The shorter the better. Make a list of 50-100 simple, short, easy words. Then choose the best one.


Step 3. Use name generator tools

Generators help quickly find brand names and see the available domains list. You just have to type the brand name or a related to your product word. The generator will automatically find and suggest available domains for your company.

This is the list of the most useful and simple generator tools.


  • Ubicross

Ubicross is one of the fastest tools for finding available domains. You just write the word and it shows available domains. Domainr is fast and simple. 

Another good tool for finding a name for your business is FantasyNameGenerators

  • FantasyNameGenerators

 It provides really fantasy names for different purposes. Brand name generator gives you 10 random abstract names for brands for all sorts of products and services. To start, simply click to generate 10 random names and if you don’t like the names, click again to get 10 new random names, until you find a proper one.